Utah Watercolor Society 2018 Spring Exhibition

2017 Spring Exhibition Best of Show 
Sisters by Irene Rampton

May 11 - June 15, 2018

Visual Art Institute 2901 S. Highland Dr, SLC, UT

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES – March 20, 2018, 8:00pm

All Entrants must read and adhere to all guidance outlined in the UWS 2018 Spring Exhibition Prospectus, with special attention paid to the "Terms and Conditions" for entry. Click the links below to review the guidelines. The links will open in a new browser tab to allow for review during the online entry process. 

Exhibition Prospectus (Click to read)

Directions for Online Entry

Online entry is through ArtCall. If you haven’t used it before, or would like a refresher, here is a link to the ArtCall illustrated instructions:
Step 1: Image Capture.
Before beginning registration, you will need a high quality digital image for each painting.
  • Do not include mat or frame in your submitted image.
  • Set your digital camera or personal device to a high-quality setting to take the photo. If using a newer model personal device or cell phone, recommend transferring a LARGE image to a computer for adjustment, as overall image size cannot exceed 4MB.
  • Open, level, crop and adjust your image as appropriate. You may need to adjust the longest side of your image to between 1920 pixels (smallest) and 4600px (largest).
  • Save your image(s) for later retrieval.
  • Image sizing assistance is available before March 13, 2018.
Step 2: Create User Account.
User accounts from previous UWS exhibitions do carry over. New users will need to create a user account.
To create your unique user account, go to http://uws2018springexhibition.artcall.org/.
  • Select “Register” in the upper right of your screen.
  • All Entrants must have a valid email address to enter.
  • Fill in all appropriate fields; then create your user account.
  • You may optionally add a short biography statement in your user account.
Step 3: Payment.
Log in to the account you just created. ArtCall requires payment before submitting entry details and uploading images.
  • You can pay using a credit card on this same secure site.
  • You may pay for three entries at once, or submit one at a time.
  • Contact the Exhibition Coordinators, barbarakidd@comcast.net or galtann@ymail.com if payment by check is your only option (March 13th is the deadline for receiving check payments).
  • No entry fee refunds will be issued once payment is received.
Step 4: Input Entry Specifics.
After paying, follow the prompts to input your entry information for title, category, media, size, price, and artist’s statement. The artist’s statement is optional.
  • If you are entering multiple works for consideration, enter painting details for all entries.
Step 5: Image Upload.
Upload your high-quality image(s) from your computer, smart phone, or other personal device.
  • Size criteria will be displayed. If your image does not meet the required specifications (i.e. too large or too small), you will receive a notice to make adjustments.
  • Once your image upload finishes, select the blue View Final Submission button at the bottom left of the screen, to verify your entry.
Step 6: Verify Entry.
After selecting View Final Submission, you will be taken back to your main account page.
  • If all is well, you will see a small icon-sized view of your painting image with your entry submission.
  • If your image upload was not successful, you will see a warning that no image is attached to your entry.
  • To review your entry details, select the blue icon that looks like a bulleted list.
  • If you need to make any changes, click on the orange Edit icon at the far right column of the entry.
Repeat Steps 2-5 for additional entries, as appropriate.
You will be able to access and make changes to your submissions up until the entry deadline.
  • Once finished, you can verify your entry from your main login page.
  • To later edit your entry or entries, go back to the same website and click the blue Login button.
    • Enter your email and password to open your user account.
    • If you wish to change an entry, select the Edit option to change entry details.
    • If you want to change the image, select the red trashcan option under the image. Then upload a new image. Do NOT delete the entire entry (trashcan on the far right).
    • If you inadvertently click the wrong trashcan button, you will be given a warning and asked if you wish to continue. Select Cancel.
      • To re-enter a deleted submission, you will need to contact the Exhibition Coordinator to avoid being charged another entry fee.

Note: If you think you may struggle with either the online entry process and/or need image preparation assistance, we have a team ready to help! However, your deadline comes a week early. Please be courteous and plan ahead. Contact the UWS Exhibition Coordinators, barbarakidd@comcast.net or Ann Galt, galtann@ymail.com before March 13, 2018.